Covid-19 requirements
for your hair salon appointment

Dear Friends,

We are reopening our salon on Wednesday, May 6, as the Governor has allowed with mandated guidelines. We are looking forward to seeing you and taking care of your grooming needs. We also want to keep you safe as well as ourselves. Following are a list of the state mandated directives as well as a few that we thought would keep us all in a safe environment.

* Masks are mandatory for us and you.

* Please don't wear gloves into the salon because of possible cross contamination. After you are in the salon, we will be happy to provide you with gloves if you would like.

* In order to maintain the distancing and crowd size requirements, please stay in your vehicle or wait in the chairs out front (if nobody else is there) until we call or come and get you. We have re-arranged the furniture in the salon to accommodate the required 6 feet of distance between people. To help lessen unnecessary exposure, only the person with an appointment should enter the salon.

* Please enter through the front door and exit through the side door. There will be hand sanitation dispensers at each door.

* I know this seems a bit impersonal, but we will have to ask you a few questions before you enter the salon and your temperature will be checked.

* Question 1 - Have you had a fever of 100.4 or greater in the past few days?

* Question 2 - Do you have a cough, difficulty breathing, a sore throat, or the loss of taste or smell?

* Question 3 - Have you been in contact with a person known to be infected with Covid-19 in the past 14 days?

* If any of these questions are answered yes, we will need to reschedule your appointment.

* The salon also needs your current contact information.

* We won't be providing a beverage service, but you are more than welcome to bring your own beverage inside the salon.

* No magazines will be available at the salon, but you may bring your own reading material.

This may seem like an impersonal list of things that we are required to do, but we want you to know we are doing our part to lessen the possibility of spreading the virus. And hopefully, with all of us working together, in addition to getting that much needed hair appointment, we can all stay safe in the process.

On a personal note, this has been a tough time for us. Thank you for your support! We love you all and all I can say is this is truly a difficult time for everyone. We totally understand and support the choice each of you makes in deciding if you feel comfortable coming to the salon now or if you would like to wait.

Robert, Cathy, and Michele

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